Pile Bearing Capacity using Pressuremeter Test


Good evening,

Attached are two papers detailing the way to estimate the bearing capacity of a single pile using a Ménard Test (Pressiomètre). Although I’m not fun of the pressuremeter, I’m posting these files as the majority of north african engineers evaluate the bearing capacity according to its results. Based on the little experience that I have as a geotechnical engineer, the correlations proposed by Ménard  to estimate the deformation modulus of a soil layer underestimate the soil stiffness. Soon, I will post a detailed work confirming this point of view. Your critics and comments are welcome.


capacité-portante-pressio  frottement latéral sol pieu estimation

Below are the famous charts used by thousands of north african engineers to estimate the friction component of the B.C .

frottement Latéral-abaque-MP

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