Reinforcement of Soils by Stone Columns

Dear all,

Attached is a PPT file presenting a practical tool for designing columnar-reinforced foundation. The software Columns 1.0, architected and designed by Prof Mounir Bouassida and Lassad Hazzar is the fruit of more than 25 years of research and practical experience in soil improvement. Columns 1.0,a purely tunisian product, has been commercialized since 2008 and purchased by several international firms as Leighton Consulting (USA), Hamza Associates (Egypt), EGM (France), etc… Based on a novel methodology established by Prof Mounir Bouassida, Columns allows the user to have an optimal design of a given reinforcing solution (Stone Columns, Rigid inclusions(CFA piles), Jet grouting,etc..) based on results of geotechnical exploration campaign.

In the same context, I have attached you 3 other scientific papers and 2 presentations dealing with stone-columns modeling for more  deeper details.

I hope that this post will be useful for all of you.



Columns 1.0  User’s guide

Bouassida & Carter 2014 Bouassida & Hazzar 2012 grim165-0031

bouassida et frikha 2007  Ellouze et al 2010 grim163-101  Melbourne 18th april [Mode de compatibilité]

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