GeoSpring 1.0 is a software tool developed by me (Wafy Bouassida) since 2015. It’s briefly a set of pragmatic apps which you can use for the design of shallow and deep foundations. I have used GeoSpring in more than 100 foundation projects ( across Tunisia, Africa and France). The flexibility of such a product and the rapidity of getting from it useful results (Pile load settlement curves, Settlement Contours of a footings group, Variation of settlement along embankments width, Pre-Design of Rigid Inclusions,etc..) will certainly be beneficial for civil engineering consulting firms, contractors and universities. To have a clearer idea about GeoSpring 1.0, just click on one of the links below:

General Presentation about GeoSpring Modules

Introductive videos

GeoSpring Brochure

Theoretical Manual (French Version)

Validation Manual (French Version)

Design factors used for the estimation of pile tip bearing capacity

Steps to be followed for the estimation of pile settlement using the Load Transfer Method

Load Interaction Method & Equivalent Pier Method for the estimation of pile group settlement

GeoSpring 2021 Brochure